Another Gray Day

About a week ago, I went to the park to attempt to photograph the sunrise. Unfortunately, it was another gray day.

I didn’t go to the main part of the park, but to the outskirts of it. I saw that line of trees along the trail in the middle of the lake, and I decided to stop there. In addition, I wanted to recreate one of my first TikToks, and this was the spot.

It was another gray day. The trees along the horizon broke it up a bit though.
It was another gray morning.

I really like how the trees and the trail break up all the gray from the lake and the sky. It was also a cold and windy morning and I’m glad that I was able to capture the movement of the trees.

Once I photographed the horizon I thought it would be fun to walk along the trail for a bit. I don’t recall ever having done that so I was up for the adventure.

The trail with several trees on either side of it.
I walked all the way down the trail.

Before I walked down the path, I wanted to photograph it. Part of me wishes that there was more snow on the ground, but another part of me is glad that the grass was there to add a pop of color.

After I photographed the trail and walked down a bit, I stopped to photograph the ice shoves. This was my first time doing that, and you can probably tell, but I’m hoping to get out more often to practice this spring.

The ice shoves.
The ice shoves.

Once I captured a few photos of the ice, I decided that I was way too cold to continue, so I headed back to my nice, warm car.

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