National Parks Bucket List

In addition to seeing all of the Wisconsin State Parks, we would like to see all of the national parks. Or at least, most of them. When we were in Utah visiting Arches for the last time, we decided to get a travel stamps book to track all of the national parks we’ve been to.

We decided that getting these stickers was really the only souvenir we wanted. In recent years, we’ve decided that we’d rather gain experiences than things, and I think collecting stickers would be a cute way to remember some of our favorite memories.

So far, we’ve only seen five; and four of them were in the southwest part of the country. The fifth one was when we went to Maine a long time ago.

I would love to see more of the national parks in the mountain region, but I’m going to confess, I’m afraid of driving through the mountains. I drove through the mountains in Utah, and no joke, I thought we were going to die. Any tips for seeing the mountains without driving through them? Comment below.

In addition to seeing the mountains, I would love to spend some time checking out the parks on the Pacific Coast. We’ve seen the Atlantic Ocean, but never the Pacific. I’ve seen a few photographers on YouTube share their experiences out west, and the views look amazing.

What National Parks have you visited? Comment below which ones you think we should make a priority.

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    • I’ll mention Yosemite in the spring to my husband, and hopefully, we can make that work. We’re thinking about taking a train through the mountains. Not sure how good my photos will be through the windows though.

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