February Wellness Wednesday

For my February Wellness Wednesday I thought I’d recap how January went and mention what I want to do for this month.


I was pretty good at drinking water in January. I didn’t actually measure it out, but I know that I drank water every day last month.

The sun finally came out at the end of the month, so I took full advantage of that. It was really cold, and my fingers and toes were the most effected, but it was worth it. I’ve also been taking Vitamin D almost everyday as an extra little boost. Can you have too much Vitamin D? What would happen?

Yoga did not go quite to plan. I practiced every day for about two weeks, and then I stopped. I’m not quite sure what happened there. However, I did hike through the snow a few times, so maybe that makes up for it.


I want to continue to drink water every day. That’s the one habit that I have pretty well established.

I’m also hoping to get outside more this month. The fresh air and sunshine will do me good. If I’m really lucky I’ll get to see some really pretty sunsets after work. I’ll keep you posted.

I should really try and get back into yoga again too. Or I could go for a 30-minute walk instead. Maybe that should be the compromise this month. And if I go for walk I’ll also get the sunshine and fresh air. I’ll try and make some TikToks in addition to taking photos. I’ve been making a list of sounds to use and videos to make.

What is your February wellness plan? Please comment below with what you’re planning on doing. Also, let me know if you need accountability. I’d love to help you out.

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