Apps I Use

As a photographer, there are several apps that I use on a daily basis. Or at least, on a weekly basis. Here are the top four that I use.

  1. Clear Outside
  2. Weather Bug
  3. Samsung Notes
  4. Camera

These apps don’t include the social media apps that I post on regularly. I already wrote that blog post and you can read it here.

Clear Outside

I use Clear Outside to check the cloud cover at the location that I’m planning on photographing. This app has only steered me wrong once or twice, and that’s probably due to me not reading it right. This weather app also tells me when the sun will rise and set each day, which is very helpful when trying to plan my day.

Weather Bug

This is another weather app that I use mainly to see what is supposed to happen. I use it to tell me the temperature and if it’s going to rain or snow.

Samsung Notes

I use Samsung Notes to write out my thoughts while I’m at the day job. I tend to jot down blog notes, Etsy listing descriptions, to-do lists, and other thoughts that come to mind. I don’t trust my memory to get me through the workday until I can write it down in my work journal.


It’s not what you think. I don’t usually use my phone’s camera to take photos for my business. Granted, there is the odd one here and there that I like so I’ll use those few. But generally, I use my camera app to make my TikToks. I’ll record them and then upload them when I get home from my adventures. I feel like I don’t waste too much time trying to make the perfect TikTok if I record in that app.

What about you? What apps do you use? Let me know in the comments below.

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