Black-and-White Photo of February

Below is my black-and-white photo of February. This is the second installment in the series that I started last month. Click here to read about my first one.

This is my black-and-white photo of February. It is a small tree in our backyard.

A few days ago, while my husband was snow blowing our driveway, I spent a lot of time making TikToks. It was way too cold to be out there, but we both had work to do, so we made it through. While I was making my TikToks, I captured this photo of one of the baby trees in our backyard.

I particularly like how the tree is the only dark part of the image, and that the rest of it is lighter. I also enjoy the animal tracks about a third of the way up. Those tracks break up the snow and add an interesting pattern.

Do you have a black-and-white photo of February that you’d like to share? Comment them below.

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