Walk in the Park

A few days ago, it was finally warm enough to go outside and photograph the snow. So, we went for a walk in the park by our house. We parked in a different parking lot than we usually do and explored a different part of the park than where I usually photograph.

We walked past a basketball court. The snow in that area was deeper than my boots are tall, so I got some snow on my sock. But the snow didn’t faze me, so we kept going. 

We found a little creek that runs through the park. We crossed over a small bridge and stopped in the middle of it. I photographed the creek, with trees on either side of it.

We went for a walk in the park. I photographed this creek with trees on either side of it.

After I captured this photo, we continued a little way through the park. I made a TikTok, and then captured my photo for the second part of my short story, the Lighthouse.

We walked a little further and then we started to get cold. So we finished our walk in the park and headed back to the car.

What do you like to do when the weather gets a little bit better than it has been? Leave a comment below.

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