I Traded my Snow Boots for Rain Boots

You read that right. The past couple of days in my neck of the woods have been pretty warm. And by pretty warm I mean in the 40s (Fahrenheit). So yesterday, I traded my snow boots for my rain boots and went for a walk on the Wiouwash Trail.

I got there a little after 4 pm, with the intent of walking a little way, and then heading back to the park-and-ride to capture the sunset.

It Started Out Ok

I walked for about 20 minutes and photographed the sun as it was starting to go behind the hill. I even saw two rainbows. One on either side of the sun. I was only able to get a photo of one of them though.

There was a rainbow.
Check out the rainbow to the left of the sun.

I continued down the trail and thought the tall grass and fence looked cool with the sun that was low in the sky. The yellow glow stretched all along the ground and I really enjoy that.

The sun lined up with the tall grass.
The sun was low enough in the sky to line up with the tall grass.

After I captured these two images, I headed back. It was getting late and I wanted to be able to get a good seat for the sunset. I made it to the park-and-ride a little after 5, and I sat on the ground in a safe place and watched. The swirling clouds with the sun are always a favorite of mine, and I’m so glad I was able to capture them.

I traded my snow boots for rain boots yesterday.
The sun hadn’t quite set yet, but it was getting close.

It Didn’t End Ok

Once I had the photos that I wanted, I decided that I had seen enough and that it was time to go. I was getting cold, and impatient. I stopped at Kwik Trip for gas on my way home, because snow was in the forecast for today, and I didn’t want to have to pump gas in that mess. (spoiler, it’s been snowing all day today.)

And as I was waiting for my gas tank to fill up, I saw the sky turn a bright reddish pink, and I instantly regretted leaving. When I got home, I tried to capture the sky from my driveway, but our road was way too busy to get the photo I would have wanted.

Since it’s been snowing all day, it looks like I’m going to be trading my rain boots back for my snow boots. I’ve lived here long enough to not get my hopes up on this seemingly early spring. Which is ok, because I do really like seeing the snow. Did you guys get a small glimpse of spring these past two days? What did you do to enjoy it?

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