Photo Projects

I spent some time these past couple of months looking through Pinterest trying to find ideas for new photo projects to add to my inventory. And I found three things that I want to try making.

  1. Coasters
  2. Photo Ornaments
  3. Car Coasters


I tried making coasters a while back and it didn’t work out as well as I would have liked. But I talked to someone who also makes coasters and she suggested a few tips that I’m hoping to try. 

I was actually going to work on them this winter. But I read the directions on the resin, and it said to only use in a well-vented room. So, I decided to put this project off until the spring so I can work in the garage and not die.

Photo Ornaments

I found this project when my mom was down for a visit and she was able to help me get all the supplies that I needed to do this. In addition to the photos, I thought it would be cool to add fake snow or sand to each ornament depending on if the image was winter or summer. 

I tried to make these, and it didn’t work the way I wanted to, so I got two giant hole punches to make circular cuts and see if that will work better. 

Car Coasters

I got this idea when we were at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago. I saw them for sale and thought they would be fun to try to make. When I got the hole punches for the ornaments, I got one that was slightly smaller so I can make these round coasters too. 

This is going to be another project that needs to be done when it warms up a bit. I’m hoping to spend a day making all my coasters so I can limit the amount of mess that I make.

My first craft fair isn’t until the end of April so hopefully, it is nice enough to make these a few weeks before then so I can add them to my inventory.

What photo projects are you guys making?

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