Sunrise or Sunset: Which One is My Favorite?

Sunrise and sunset are the two times of the day that I actively seek out for my camera dates. But which one do I prefer; sunrise or sunset?

A few years ago, I posted about my favorite time of day to go out. Back then, I said sunrise. And that hasn’t changed. So picking between these two times, I’m going to pick sunrise again. Here are a few reasons why I’m picking sunrise.

  1. It is a lot quieter and more peaceful waiting for the sun to rise than it is waiting for the sun to set. And as an introvert, I’m much happier having less of a chance of running into people and having to socialize.
  2. I have more scenic locations for sunrise than I do for sunset. I know this is a “me problem,” but I think having a variety of locations makes for a variety of images. I’m hoping to change this and find a few more sunset locations. If you have any suggestions within half an hour or so of Oshkosh, comment below.
  3. I have found that the sky is more fun to photograph in the morning than it is at night. I prefer capturing the calm, pale sunrises more than the vibrant bright sunsets.
  4. I’m not a morning person. Not even a little bit. So I feel like I accomplished something whenever I go out for sunrise. I like to take my time getting ready on my days off from the day job, but if I have to get out for sunrise, then I don’t have time to dawdle.

What about you guys? Do you prefer photographing sunrise or sunset? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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