Favorite Photo of February

I have a bit of a confession to make. I took my favorite photo of February this afternoon. Before today, I had an image that I liked well enough from a few weeks ago that I could have used, but this one was more interesting to me. So, I went with this one instead.

This is my favorite photo of February. It's red and yellow foliage poking through the snow.

I captured this image at the nature preserve by Asylum Bay. It was the one that I had been to a couple of times last spring. But I was only there for a little while tonight because I wanted to stop at Asylum Bay, just to check it out and see what I saw. While I was there, I wanted to make a few TikToks.

I really love how the red and yellow foliage pop against the snow. There were several of these shrubs poking out of the snow, and I tried to capture the varying color. I’ll share those images on my Instagram next week as well. If I remember.

Do you remember that time a few weeks when it was 40* Fahrenheit here? Yeah, those days are long gone, we are back in the throws of winter. It snowed Tuesday night, all day Wednesday, and most of the day yesterday. And today was the first clear day we’ve had since Tuesday. Which is why I went out today to photograph the snow.

I’m really glad that I was able to photograph the snow. It is one of my favorite things to capture, and we didn’t really get that much of it. We’re supposed to get more on Monday, and I can’t wait to go out again.

That’s my favorite photo of February. Would you guys like to see the runner-up? I can blog about that photo shoot too if you want me to. Comment below your thoughts.

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