The Runner-Up 

As I mentioned a few days ago, I was torn on my favorite photo for February. The photo below is the runner-up for the month.

This was the runner-up photo of my favorite photo of February. It's a bunch

This was the second time we had gone for a walk along the Wiouwash Trail this month. It was really nice for about a week and we took full advantage of it.

This second time, instead of facing the sun with my camera, I turned around and had my back to the sun. And I have zero regrets. The sun’s glow made the field a richer shade of yellow.

I truly got lucky with the time of day I went out. I don’t even think I planned on staying for sunset, I just wanted to go for a walk and see what I saw.

The only thing that I wish was in this photo was more action in the sky. The sky looks plain, and I wish there had been a few clouds above the trees. But I shouldn’t complain too much since it was such a beautiful day.

This was the runner-up for my favorite photo of February. It was difficult to pick between this one and the one I shared last week. What are your thoughts? Which image do you like better? Comment below.

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