First Signs of Spring

I kept catching glimpses of the sun through the windows at work, and I really wanted to go out when I got home. So after I had a quick snack and shower, I headed to the park. And I spent about an hour out wandering through the snow and the muck photographing what I saw, making TikToks, and playing Pokemon Go. (I’ll leave my trainer code in the comments if you want to be friends there.) Since it’s finally March, I can say that I wanted to photograph the first signs of spring.

I captured this first image, right after I parked my car. I’m really happy that I was able to capture the sunburst in between these two big trees on either side. I also really like how we see spring trying to come, but winter still holding on. I have a feeling we’re going to get at least one more snowstorm before winter is done. And I’m guessing it will be in early April. I’ll keep you posted.

The sun between two big trees.

After this image, I walked further down the sidewalk/walking trail and I happened to see a frozen puddle. I looked closer, and I saw these bubbles in it, and I had to stop.

A few frozen bubbles.

This isn’t my normal genre of photography, but I love it anyway. It may be a contender for my favorite photo of the month. But it’s only the second, so we’ll see what the rest of the month brings.

The third and final photo of the day was this creek. I photographed it in the middle of February, but it wasn’t flowing like this.

the first signs of spring. This is a running creek with some ice still holding on.

The highlight of my evening was seeing not one, but two robins! That is usually one of the first signs of spring, here in Wisconsin. I spent way too long trying to make a TikTok of them, and not enough time photographing them.

What are the first signs of spring that you look for?

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