My Winter Boots Came Back Out

As you know, my last photo adventures have been in the muck, so I’ve been wearing my rain boots. We got a lot of snow this past weekend, so I brought my winter boots back out. The sun was shining and it was a balmy 27* Fahrenheit, so I went out and photographed it. This may be one of my last chances to capture the snow this year.


Before leaving the park, I took out the SD card to upload the images while waiting for my camera to thaw. When I put it in a different camera, none of my images appeared, and the card was empty. I’m really hoping that the photos are on my camera and that I didn’t accidentally erase the card by holding it. Is that possible? Please say no. I’ll let you know tomorrow what happened. The photos that I do have are from my phone. I know it’s not the same, but it’s all I’ve got right now.

Back to the Story

I went to the park by my house and went for a walk in the snow. I photographed the massive frozen puddle. I loved how the three trees looked in that area, and I thought it was a fun perspective. I took a few steps in the snowbank, and it was deeper than I expected, and I may or may not have fallen because of it. Thankfully, no one was there to see that.

Then I went toward the sledding hill to photograph the pine trees on the edge of the park. Again the snow was much deeper than it should have been. My winter boots aren’t tall enough to keep my legs dry.

When I got to the top of the hill I sat down in the snow and photographed the trees. At this point, I was already wet and cold, so it didn’t really matter. I may have also lied completely back in the snow at this point as well to get an even better angle. (These are the photos that I was really looking forward to seeing, so cross your fingers for me.)

I went back down the hill, and photographed the trees again. I got really lucky with the sun, the clouds, and the hints of blue sky.

I was careful not to leave footprints with my winter boots when I photographed these trees.

Once I was done photographing the trees, I was about to head back to my car. And that’s when I saw the snowman. I couldn’t not photograph it, so I walked up the hill again to keep the snow footprint free for the next photographer.

A snowman, complete with a face and mohawk.

Whoever made the snowman, gave him a face and a mohawk and I absolutely adore it. I’m so glad that I went a little further than I needed to, to capture his face.

The Plan for Tomorrow

I just looked at the forecast for tomorrow, and it’s supposed to be cold and sunny. So, I’m going to go out for sunrise and not see a single cloud in the sky so hopefully, I’ll get some color. I might also run up to Green Bay on a secret photo mission, that I’ve been wanting to do for a few months now.

I’m telling you all this so I have the motivation that I need to actually go. I’ll blog about both adventures later in the week. Hopefully, my winter boots are dried out before I have to put them on again.

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