Green Bay Waterfall

After photographing the sunrise last Tuesday, I went home to spend a few minutes with my husband before he had to work. I headed out at the same time that he did, only I didn’t go to work with him. I went up to see a Green Bay waterfall.

Wequiock Falls is about 60 miles away from my house. And when I initially saw it, I was a little disappointed. The park was quite small, and the only thing to see there was the waterfall. But that was ok.

I walked a bit from the parking lot to these steps. And I held on to the railing for dear life. The snow was so deep towards the top, and then they became icy.

The snow-covered steps that lead to a Green Bay waterfall.

It was totally worth the risk of venturing down these stairs. This was what I saw while I was on the platform.

This is the Wequiock Falls.

Once I captured this image, I ventured down to get closer to the falls. You can see the trail I followed on the left-hand side of this photo. And given the conditions, I maybe shouldn’t have gone down there. But I have no regrets.

While I was down there, I took a few selfies, and attempted to make a few TikToks. Only one of the TikToks turned out, and I’ll post it later tonight. Comment below if you want me to share a selfie from this trip on my Instagram.

After I got over my initial disappointment, I fell in love. This Green Bay waterfall didn’t look like much as I was driving by, but it was totally worth the trip up there. I’m also really glad that I went in the winter so I could avoid the crowd. Maybe I’ll try and go again in the fall to catch some of the fall colors.

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  1. Hi Nichole. For work, I was able to visit the falls this summer. Sadly, the water was just a trickle because it was so dry. We (at work) have a project to restore the wetlands associated with the creek and falls – it’s an area important to area tribes. Great photos!

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