Lake Winnebago


Today was the first really nice day of the year. Like 70* Fahrenheit, nice. So once I got home and settled from the day job I grabbed my camera and went outside. I went to one of my usual spots to photograph Lake Winnebago.

I went to Asylum Bay again because I wanted to get a photo of the lighthouse for hopefully the last installment of my short story. But before I headed to that area, I went to check out the rest of the park.

I walked up to the edge of the grassy area, to see how far down it was to the water, and to see if I could safely get down there. I was able to, so I did, and I captured a few photos of a fallen tree in the lake. I also scared two chipmunks that were playing with each other.

The shoreline along Lake Winnebago.

Then I went back up to the trail and walked the rest of it to the road. I would have kept going, but I wasn’t sure if the area beyond was someone’s property or the park, and I didn’t want to risk it if was someone’s yard.

I turned around and started slowly making my way back to the lighthouse. I stopped along the shoreline again to capture the remaining ice shove before it all melts, When I finally made it to the lighthouse, I discovered that a lot of people were in that area fishing.

What is left of the ice shoves.

With how nice it was, I don’t blame them, I just didn’t want to scare the fish away from them. So I took a few photos from the opposite shore and then I headed back. I didn’t cross the bridge or anything.

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Before I left the park I had one more thing to do. I needed to dip my toes in Lake Winnebago. So I found an area that wasn’t busy or that looked too deep, and I went in. Shoes and all. It was really rocky in that part of the lake and I didn’t want to slip and fall and go for a swim, with my camera and phone.

The water was still pretty chilly, but I have zero regrets. Once I was done, I headed back to my car, only to see another spot that I could maybe photograph while being in the lake. So I went back in. This time, I went up to my mid calves. It was the best feeling to be back in the lake after a long, cold winter.

Have you guys been able to dip your toes in the water yet? Comment below if you think I’m nuts for even doing it.

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