I Made Two New Friends

As promised last Thursday, I went out for sunrise on Saturday. I decided to go back to Rainbow Park to try and capture the sunrise on the Fox River. While I was there, I made two new friends.


Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out the way I wanted it to. The trail I walked along was very well-lit, so I couldn’t get the color of the sky like I wanted. I am not complaining even a little bit about the lights on the trail. I just didn’t think about them when I was there a few weeks ago.

It also didn’t help that there were too many clouds in the sky, so I probably wouldn’t have gotten as much color as I wanted anyway. So, I came up with a plan b.

Before I could really execute my new plan, I wanted to photograph the trail and capture the whole landscape. I thought that it might look cool to share the natural scenery along with the man-made elements of the street lights. I turned around from my camera, and when I looked up, I saw two deer. Unfortunately, it was too dark to photograph them. I even tried with my phone, but the photo was too pixelated. But I talked to them and may have tried to get close enough to pet them. We weren’t quite good enough of friends yet though.

I made two new friends right before I took this photo of the trail along the Fox River.

Plan B

My plan b was to practice with long exposure. It was dark enough outside that I felt like I could have a shutter speed of 1 second or longer, and not worry about it looking too bright. Here are a few of my favorites.

This is a tree hanging over the Fox River.

I like that I was able to capture the tiny hint of pink in the reflection of the river in the above photo. I only wish I had angled myself differently to get that house out of the background.

This is another tree along the shore of the Fox River.

I’m pretty happy with the second photo as well. I’m glad that I was able to capture the pink in the sky in this image. I only wish that it was dark enough to show in the reflection of the water.

After this image, I headed home and that’s when I saw the sun just above the horizon. I was really disappointed, but I was too sleepy and I didn’t feel like stopping again. I had a feeling that by the time I found another location, it would have been too late.

The morning wasn’t a total bust though. I’m glad that I went out since I made two new friends. And now I know that the river isn’t the best sunrise location.

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