Admin Days

I was going to go out this afternoon and photograph the park, but it has been cold and rainy and yucky the past couple of days so I decided to stay inside instead. I have a lot of admin work to do, so I’m planning on getting a start on that.

Tax Work

I just got a letter in the mail that says it’s time to renew my LLC. And since I want to stay in business I need to do that. I’m also about four months behind in my QuickBooks file. That needs to get wrapped up for when we do our taxes in the next couple of months.

Craft Fair Work

My mom printed off my price signs for me, and I need to cut them apart before next Saturday. I also have a lot of other work to do that I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post. Yeah, I still haven’t done any of that work yet. Whoops.

Social Media Work

I have been slacking on my social media posts lately. I’ve been trying to decide what platforms to keep and what to ditch, so in the meantime, I’ve been ignoring everything. So I need to make a decision and stick to it.

Photography Work

The final admin job I need to do is find some new locations to photograph. I just need to come up with a list of potential locations to go scout out on a different day. I also need to go through the photos that I have printed to see what I have and what I need.

Those are the four main admin jobs that I have to at least get a start on tonight. What are you working on tonight? Let me know in the comments below so I can encourage your efforts too.

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