The Lighthouse Part Four

Here is The Lighthouse Part Four. Follow the links to parts one, two, and three, if you need to catch up, or refresh your memory on what’s happening. I know I did.


They quickly became fast friends, which surprised her. She hadn’t expected that to happen. They hung out almost every night after work and spent many weekends together.

Finally, after a few weeks, Barty finished reading her book. He told Kiki that when they were having dinner on a Thursday night. “I have a few ideas for your cover. Would you like to come with me when I go take photos for it?”

“Absolutely, I would,” she said. “Where are we going?”

“I was thinking about going back to the lighthouse,” he said. “There are plenty of other photo opportunities there that I think would work really well for your cover.”

“That sounds like fun,” she answered. “I’ve actually written most of my book sitting against that lighthouse. So it only makes sense that the cover photo is taken there too.”

“Perfect, when do you want to go?” 

“I was looking at the weather, and it’s supposed to be really nice this weekend. So I was thinking about making a day of it on Saturday.”

“That sounds fun,” Kiki said. 

“Great. I can meet you there, say for sunrise?”

She hesitated.

“I’ll bring you coffee,” Barty said sensing her reluctance.

“And muffins?” She asked.


“Then I’m in,” she said. 

“Fantastic. It has been a long time since I’ve gone out for sunrise,” he said. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever been awake for sunrise.”

“You’re going to love it,” he said. “There is a certain peace about it.”

“I’m actually really looking forward to it,” Kiki said.

They hung out for a while after dinner, and then Barty headed back home. He texted Kiki when he made it inside his apartment to let her know that he made it home. And then they texted for a bit longer.

Kiki had off the next day, so she spent the majority of it working on her book. She had a finished draft and was now starting the daunting task of editing it. She and Barty spent the day texting on and off. He was out of town photographing a few homes that were going up for sale in the next couple of days.

Kiki tried to focus on her book and texting Barty, so she would be sleepy enough to go to bed early. She didn’t want to miss the sunrise because she stayed up too late.

The next morning came way too early. But Kiki was too excited to stay in bed. Today was the day that she got the photo for her cover. Her book was another step closer to being published. While she was having those thoughts, she got a text from Barty


Kiki smiled at her phone and typed up a response. 


Once she was dressed and out of the shower, she grabbed her journal and a few pens and headed out. It was still dark out, and Kiki was very aware of her surroundings as she walked through the park and to the lighthouse. She didn’t see a single person out which was a relief to her.

When she arrived at the lighthouse, Barty was already there. He was standing by the bridge waiting and watching for her. When she approached him he handed her a thermos full of hot coffee. She took a sip before either of them said a word.

They crossed the bridge and Barty set up his tripod, while Kiki watched. He took a few photos of the lighthouse. She looked at the sky and saw the small hint of pink that the sun was coming. It was still a little early yet. 

When he had the photo, they walked around the park for a bit, photographing whatever he saw. Kiki pointed out a few shots that she wanted, and he took those photos too. Once the sun was high in the sky they sat down on the shore opposite the lighthouse and ate their muffins. 

“The lighthouse looks like it has arms,” Kiki said pointing at it. There was a tree as tall as the lighthouse behind it.

“It does,” Barty agreed. He snapped a quick photo of it because it could have the potential for something.

The lighthouse in front of a tree. This photo is the inspiration for The Lighthouse Part four

“How was your first sunrise?” He asked.

“I’m glad I was able to tag along with you. I’m not a morning person, so it was a little rough at first, but once I was here, I had a good time.”

“You’re more than welcome anytime I go out,” Barty said.

They heard a car approach on the gravel road, but neither of them thought much of it, until the driver got out of the car. He was a man in his forties, with dark brown hair and glasses. He was wearing a suit and tie, and he looked angry. 

“What are you two doing here?” The man asked.

“We’re just watching the sunrise,” Barty answered.

“This is private property, so you need to leave now.”

“Since when?” Kiki blurted.

“Since 10 minutes ago,” the man said. “Now leave before I call the police.”

Barty and Kiki looked at each other, and then they did as they were told. Barty apologized as they walked past the man. But the man just glared at them. 

Neither of them spoke until they were out of sight of the man.

“They sold the lighthouse,” Kiki said, defeated.

“It looks that way,” Barty agreed. 


I hope you enjoyed The Lighthouse Part Four. I could end it here, or I could add a part five. What are your thoughts? Please comment below.

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