May Wellness

In April, I was able to stick with a few of my health goals. I thought I would recap those, and then share with you my May wellness goals.


I have been able to kick the sugar in the morning again for another month. It’s getting to the point where I don’t think I can even think about sugar in the morning without my teeth hurting.

However, I think I have been slacking a little bit on my a.m. water intake. I’ll heat it up, buy I haven’t been drinking nearly enough.

My body has adjusted to the magnesium glyceinate and it isn’t a major struggle to get out of bed in the morning. As for helping with my anxiety, I’m not sure if it’s doing much.


I would like to get back into a morning yoga routine. I wake up with plenty of time on work days to at least practice for a few minutes. Practicing yoga could also help with my morning water intake too, since I’ll have more time in the morning to drink water, while I’m waiting for my coffee to heat up.

I’m hoping to go for more evening walks with my husband, now that the weather is finally warming up. By doing that I’m also planning on making more TikToks and taking some more photos.

In addition to going for walks, I’d like to finally take my bike out. It wasn’t quite warm enough in April to do that, so I haven’t yet. I can’t wait to do that and share my experiences on a few trails.

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