Star Wars

Happy Star Wars Day! This is my inner nerd’s favorite day of the year, and I’m currently watching Star Wars. That has absolutely nothing to do with this blog, I just happened to get lucky that this day fell on blog post day.

Last night, after I posted about wanting to go for more walks now that it is finally warm enough, my husband and I went for a walk. We went to my usual place, Asylum Bay, to see the lighthouse, and walk on the short trail that I discovered last month.

I wanted to make some TikToks and play Pokemon Go. I’ve made the decision to only post on TikTok for now, and if worse comes to worst, I’ll figure something else out. So that means, I’m trying to post there every day, if not multiple times a day.

I brought my camera with me too, but unfortunately, it was a little too dark to take the photos that I wanted. I did get some cool shots with my phone though.

These are my two favorites from the day. I’ll post a new TikTok in a few minutes of the scene on the right. After I took these photos, we went over to the lighthouse, because we can’t go to Asylum Bay without looking at the lighthouse. There were people fishing there again, so I didn’t photograph it. Instead, we walked the other way on the island, and I saw these small purple flowers. So I photographed them.

Small purple flowers among the grass.

I told my husband that I would like a macro lens for my birthday since I love taking close-up photos of flowers. I just have nine months to wait. In the meantime, I’ll just keep practicing with the lens that I have.

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