As I mentioned last week, my husband and I went for a walk in the park to get some sunshine and fresh air. We went to one of our favorite parks in Oshkosh and walked around the loop, playing Pokemon Go and taking photos. My two favorite photos were of reflections of trees, and I’ll share them later.

The first photo I took was of the island across the lake. There was hardly any wind, which was a first for me, so I was able to capture an almost perfect reflection of the group of trees.

The reflections of trees in the lake.

Then we continued to follow the path around the park, and I didn’t really get any photos that I liked. I did make a few TikToks that I’m happy with. I also spent way too long chasing a chipmunk to photograph it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any luck on that front.

After chasing the wildlife, we started heading back to the car. It was starting to get late and we hadn’t eaten dinner yet. There is a small train that takes kids around the park for something fun to do, and I saw these flowers growing amid the gravel.

The last image of reflections that I captured was of these two trees across the pond. The wind started to pick up a little bit, so the water isn’t as glassy as I would have liked, but I still love this image. You guys might be seeing this one again next week, depending on what else I photograph between now and then.

Technical Difficulties Update

I think I fixed my technical difficulties from last week. Can you guys let me know if you see anything weird in the footer? It would be a brown box that has information that is obviously filler text. I can’t see it on my end, but I just want to make sure that the problem is fixed.

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