Favorite Photo of May

My favorite photo of May was really close. As I mentioned last week, I love the second image on this post. However, I think I like this image a little bit more.

This flowering tree is my favorite photo of May.

We went for a walk along the Fox River last week, at a different shoreline. Instead of going to Rainbow Park, we went along the edge of UW Oshkosh. The university has a lot of green space and they plant a lot of flowers and trees. Later this summer I plan on visiting my alma mater to photograph them.

I can’t help myself whenever I see a flowering tree. Every year, I take a close-up of the flowers on our peach tree, along with any other tree I see. I think the tree above is a wild cherry tree, but don’t quote me on that.

I love how vibrant the blue is at the bottom of this image, and it helps make the pink and white of the flowers pop a little bit more. I got really lucky with the clear sky that evening.

That’s my favorite photo of May. I’m looking forward to continuing this series throughout the year.

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