The U.P. Part One

My husband and I were up in the U.P. over the weekend for a little getaway. We made it home yesterday afternoon, but we had a lot to do before the workday today, which is why I didn’t get my blog out to you until now. (I’m still behind on laundry).

This is going to be a five-part series (I think), so I’ll get on with it now.


We left home around 6 pm central time and crossed the Wisconsin-Michigan border around 7:30. We planned on stopping for dinner at Perkins, but by the time we got there, they were getting ready to close, and we didn’t want to be those people. So instead, we found a Mexican restaurant down the road and ate there instead. The food was so good, that we weren’t disappointed about Perkins.

We got back on the road again around 8:30 or so, and drove straight to our hotel in Munising. We didn’t get in until about midnight Eastern time. I felt a little bad about that, but we were in a chain hotel so it wasn’t a big deal.


Since we got in so late, I decided to skip sunrise. I was awake by 7 am though and I looked out our window to see if I could see the lake. I couldn’t and I was quite a bit disappointed.

I went down to grab a coffee and a cup of hot water from the lobby. And I was planning on reading in the breakfast nook so I wouldn’t wake up my husband. I looked out the window and I saw the lake.

I was initially going to sit by the window to look at the water, but as I approached it, I saw outdoor seating.

And I sat outside. It was a balmy 47* Fahrenheit and I was in my pj shorts and a thin hooded sweater, with my flip flops but I didn’t even care. I haven’t seen Lake Superior since last November.

My coffee and hot water on an outdoor table overlooking Lake Superior in the U.P..

My heart was happy. I could have easily stayed out there all morning, but it was time to think about getting ready for our first adventure.

On Thursday I’ll blog about our first adventure in the U.P. It was our Pictured Rocks Cruise. I am so excited to share those images with you guys.

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