Pictured Rocks from the Shore

After we returned from our cruise to see Pictured Rocks, we planned to hike in the park to see the Pictured Rocks from the shore.


Before our hike, I had to dip my toes in Lake Superior. And I maybe got up to my knees. That water was so cold. But I enjoyed every minute of it. My husband had a hard time getting me out of the water, despite the temperature.

We he finally did, we initally planned on hiking from Sand Point to Miner’s Castle, which was a five-mile hike. And we were totally prepared to do that had we been more prepared. We didn’t decide to go until 4 pm, which was a little too late for this adventure. However, we did decide to walk for a while, and when we had had enough, we would turn around.

The trail was pretty muddy, but we went as far as we could. On our way up, we saw this waterfall.

A waterfall on the trail by Sand Point Beach.

After our hike, if you want to call it that. we hung out on the beach for quite a bit. I lay on my towel and closed my eyes. And I was quite content to stay there, but after a while, I felt something tickle my arm. Yeah, it was a spider. I panicked and got sand everywhere, and the spider migrated to my camera bag. I almost had to leave my camera to the spider, but thankfully it left.


Instead of hiking to Miner’s Castle, we decided to drive up there. We were both so glad that we went up there. Before we went down to see the rocks, I saw this trail in the woods.

A trail in the woods by Pictured Rocks National Shoreline.

This photo might be my favorite of the day. I love everything about this photo. I’ll post a TikTok of it in the next couple of days.

Once I got this shot, we finally headed down to see the lake and the shoreline. We saw Miner’s Castle from the upper viewing area and the lower viewing areas, and I could only get a good photo from the upper one.

Pictured Rocks from the shore.

This is the only photo I captured of Pictured Rocks from the shore. I still can’t get over how green that water is. I can’t wait to print some of these photos to see how they turned out.

When we finished looking at Miner’s Castle, my husband and I attempted to go see Mosquito Falls and that area, but the parking area was packed, and so was one side of the road. We were honestly lucky to get out of that area without causing an accident.

After lunch at a food truck, and a coffee for the road, we headed to our next location, which I will reveal on Thursday.

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