Big Bay Point Lighthouse

We got to stay in an active lighthouse! I repeat, we spent the night in a lighthouse. Big Bay Point Lighthouse is a bed and breakfast and the US Coast Guard still uses the light.

Last November I blogged about wanting to see four lighthouses on Lake Superior. Unfortunately, we only got to see the one during this trip. But if we could only pick one, I’m glad we picked this one.

Marquette, Michigan

We left Munising a little after lunch and drove the hour and a half to Big Bay. We made a quick stop in Marquette, because I had never been there, and my husband wanted to try and find locations from the movie Anatomy of a Murder. I wanted to get more photos there than I did, but I was tired and not really having it that afternoon. I only photographed the ore dock.

The ore dock in Marquette, Michigan.

We left Marquette around 3 and arrived at the lighthouse a little before 4. We couldn’t check in early, so we tried finding a public beach nearby to kill time. Unfortunately, we did not find a beach and wound up on what felt like a private road. So we turned around and headed back.

Big Bay, Michigan

Once we had a tour of our room and the rest of the Big Bay Point Lighthouse, we got settled in for the night. We sat outside and read for a while, and then we headed for a hike down the way a bit.

Big Bay Point Lighthouse.

This was the only photo I took of the lighthouse that wasn’t at sunset. Whoops. I’ll share more of those photos next week.

After our hike, we went to dinner at the Thunder Bay Inn, and then we went back to catch the sunset. While we waited for sunset, we played a quick game of chess. And it was quick because I suck at it. I did however manage to capture my husband’s queen twice. I’m quite proud of that accomplishment.

I will write a separate blog post about sunset and sunrise on Monday, and that will be the last post about our UP trip. I’m going to have to start going out with my camera again soon to give you guys more content. 😉

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