Sunset and Sunrise on Lake Superior

This is my last post on my Memorial Day weekend series. And I saved the best for last. I finally photographed the sunset and sunrise on Lake Superior.


My last blog post was about the Big Bay Point Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast. And I this is where I captured the sunset and sunrise. I left out one important detail last week, that I wanted to save for today. When we went on the tour of the inn, we were told we could climb the lighthouse. We climbed the tower to scope it out in the afternoon and discovered that we could go out on the outer deck of the tower.

When we got back from dinner, we played a quick game of chess while we waited for the sunset.

When it was about time, we climbed the tower and went outside. And the sun did not disappoint. I can not stop looking at this photo. I love everything about it.

Sunset on Lake Superior.

Once I got the photos that I wanted from the tower, I went back to the main level as quickly as I could, so I could photograph the lighthouse and the sunset. This photo is cool too, but I only wish I was able to capture more of the lake. But given my height and location, I’m lucky that I was able to get that little sliver of it behind the trees on the right.

We would have stayed out longer but the mosquitos were horrendous, so we went inside and got ready for bed. I was able to convince my husband to come out for sunrise with me.


Sunrise came way too early for both of us. But we got up with minimal complaining and bundled up to go outside. We tried to sneak up to the outer deck as quietly as we could, but the stairs were really creaky. (If any of our neighbors from that weekend are reading this we both apologize if we woke you up).

It was very cold that morning, and there weren’t that many clouds out to make for a moody atmosphere, but at least we got to see the sun come up, and it wasn’t grey like it usually is whenever I try.

The railing on the outer deck of the lighthouse at sunrise.

Unfortunately, once we were on the tower, we couldn’t go to the ground. I already felt guilty about climbing the stairs once before dawn, I didn’t want to go in and out of the inn too. But I have zero regrets about my decision.

Right after the sun rose, we went back to our room to warm up. My husband went back to bed, and I honestly tried to, but I was too awake by then to go back to sleep. So around 6:30 or so I went for my first cup of coffee and I enjoyed every sip of it until our breakfast was ready around 8.

Our breakfast was delicious, and it was easily my favorite meal of the trip. We each had a quiche, sausage, a scone, and plenty of fruit. And I had three more cups of coffee, because I have a caffeine problem.

I’m really glad that I was able to photograph sunset and sunrise on Lake Superior, this time. It has been way too long since I’ve captured the sunset, and I have never really been happy with my sunrise opportunities.

Overall we had a great time in the U.P. and we can’t wait to go back. We’re thinking about going back in the fall (not this year) to catch that fall color and maybe get sunrise again.

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