Photo Bike Ride

As I mentioned the other day, my husband and I went on a photo bike ride through the park earlier this week. It had been way too long since we went on a bike ride together, so it was much needed. I brought my camera with me so I could hopefully get my black-and-white photo for the month.  

We biked along the trail that we usually do, and nothing was really jumping out at me. We decided to leave the park and take the trail a little further away from out house. And on our way out, I saw a path in the trees that looked promising. So we parked our bikes and headed over there.

We have gone to this park hundreds of times in the past 10 years and I have never seen this path. I’ll share a TikTok of the whole path in the near future. I just have to find the perfect sound for it first.

I found this path on our photo bike ride the other night.

We walked down the path and when we got further in, I realized that it was the place to start that particular round of frisbee golf. No one was there so I took my time taking all the photos that I wanted.

The path from the other side.

I captured the path from the other side, and that’s when I heard voices. So I wrapped up what I was doing and we got out of there. I didn’t really want to get hit by a frisbee or be in their way.

I’m really looking forward to coming back to this path in the fall to hopefully catch that color and maybe a sunrise or sunset. Or at least not as harsh of light as it was the other evening. I also can’t wait to go on another photo bike ride soon. Maybe we’ll be able to make it happen again next week.

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