Favorite Spring Photos

I hope you all enjoyed the summer solstice yesterday. Since it’s officially summer now, I’m going to share my favorite spring photos. I’ll share links to the blog posts about these images.


There is a soft spot in my heart for willows. I’m not sure how that came to be, but I can’t stop photographing them. This is my third favorite photo.

A willow

Reflection of Trees

I really enjoy this image. The lake was so calm at this particular moment, and the trees were starting to green up. This is my second favorite photo from the spring.

a group of trees

Lake Superior at Sunset

This wasn’t really a fair contest since Lake Superior photos will always be my favorite. But I got really lucky with this image. The timing was right, and colors were cool, and my location was epic.

Lake Superior at sunset

Those are my three favorite spring photos. Which one is your favorite? I can’t wait to share my favorite summer photos with you guys in a few months.

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