Summertime Woes

Summertime is the worst. It’s always too hot, sunrise is too early, sunset is too late at night, and the sky during the day is bleh. So I don’t want to go out with my camera. I’d much rather stay inside and putter around on the Internet. 


And it’s ok that I haven’t really gone out with my camera much. I already have way too many photos that I need to go through. But I really need to buckle down and get some other things done.   

I’ve got nine craft fairs coming up so far, and I need to make new products. I went through my photo prints the other night and separated my 4×6 images into greeting cards and postcards. And last night, I found the colors that would coordinate with the images for my postcards. Now I just have to follow through and make them.

And as I finish each card, I’m going to photograph it for my shop, so I can start adding more products for you guys. That way I don’t have to take each card out of the package to photograph it. 

I also have more 8×10 prints that I want to mat. I should really make sure I have more mats, and if I do, I need to figure out how many I have.

The final thing I have to do for craft fairs is finish making a display. I went to my in-laws’ house for help with one of them, and we came up with an idea for another one. And once I have it finished, I’ll share it with you guys. I’m hoping to have it done by Monday.

Internet Work

The absolute last thing I should do is remake my content calendar. This is a last priority thing, but I feel like I need to redo it to accommodate my ever-changing priorities. I keep thinking about going back to Facebook and Instagram. I don’t know yet though. My only reservation is that I have to find a way to protect my peace too.

Anyway, hopefully, this will be the last discouraging post for a while. Summertime is just a hard time. Which is odd because it’s the time I should be getting the most Vitamin D.

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