Wequiock Falls

Last March I went to Wequiock Falls in Green Bay. It was everything I wanted it to be. My husband wanted to go to Green Bay this past weekend, and I suggested going to the falls to show him what it was like in person.

On our way up there, I had the realization that we are in the middle of a drought, so there might not be much to look at. But by the time I had that thought, we were in Green Bay. I mentioned that to my husband, but we continued to the park anyway, because you never know.

When we got there, it was not the roaring waterfall that I remembered. It was barely a trickle. The riverbed was mostly dried up, which made getting a few photos easier. It was also nice to walk across to see the waterfall from the other bank.

The small trickle of Wequicok Falls in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Despite the drought that we’re going through, it was pretty green up there. Which was nice to see, since the greenery in our neighborhood is yellow. Hopefully, we’ll get some much-needed rain soon.

Wequiock Falls from the middle of the river bed.

Once we saw the falls, we each took a turn walking under the bridge to see what it looked like over there. There wasn’t a whole lot to see over there either. I did take this creepy photo of my husband when it was his turn to walk under the bridge. If I wrote horror books, I would seriously consider using this photo for the cover. When I told him that I took it, he told me that he took the same photo of me when it was my turn.

My husband standing at the other end of the tunnel bridge.

I’m a little bummed that my husband didn’t get to see Wequiock Falls in person this time around. But now we have an excuse to go up there in the spring after the snow melts.

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