Location Scouting

Yesterday afternoon, my husband and I went for a walk in a park that neither of us has been to. We were going to play Pokemon Go, but I was having technical difficulties getting the game to work with the new routes feature. So instead of going home, we went location scouting instead.

We planned on walking the Loop the Little Lake for a little bit, just to see what it looked like. We started in Neenah, and walked about half a mile or so before the heat got to us.

Because I wasn’t planning on going location scouting, I didn’t bring my camera. Which was fine. So the couple of photos that I have were taken on my phone.

I think this will be a great location for sunrise in the fall or winter. I have a thing for photographing fallen trees in the water, so I’m really hoping that that will work out.

This was the view when we went location scouting. There is a fallen tree in lake.

While my husband was reading the trail map to see how far we had gone, I was way too busy taking selfies of the flowers. I really like this perspective, so I’m going to try and take some more photos like this in the future.

The brown-eyed Susans from the underside.

This location will also be great to photograph the birds. We saw a lot of ducks, geese, and this bird. Maybe a heron? I’m not up to date on my birds.

A big bird hanging out on a branch by the lake.

I can not wait to go back here for sunrise this fall. I also can’t wait to walk the whole loop to see what else is there. Maybe I’ll make a whole morning of it when I go.

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