National Lighthouse Day

According to the internet, today is National Lighthouse Day. In honor of that, I am writing a throwback post about several lighthouses I have photographed over the years.

This first lighthouse was photographed at Lakeside Park in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. I went there in September of 2021, and honestly, it was the only time. I need to go back again though since it was a lovely park. Hopefully, I’ll get back down there when the leaves start to turn in a few months.

A lighthouse at sunrise.

I captured this second lighthouse over Memorial Day Weekend. I want to see four lighthouses on Lake Superior, and this was the first one. I’m looking forward to crossing off the remaining three on my list, so I can create a new one.

Big Bay Point Lighthouse at sunset

These next couple of lighthouses were photographed in Door County, Wisconsin the last time we were there.

I thought I had a few more from Door County, but these were the only two I found. It seems like whenever I’m trying to photograph lighthouses, I can’t find any, but if I’m not looking for them, they are all over the place. Does anyone else have that problem?

This last lighthouse is located at one of my usual photography spots. Yup, you guessed it, Asylum Bay. I’ve been here at least once during each season, and this lighthouse always makes for an interesting subject.

The lighthouse at Asylum Bay

Once I finish up this blog post, I’m going to spend what’s left of National Lighthouse Day looking for more local lighthouses so I can get you guys more content. Do you guys have any lighthouse photos? I would love to see them.

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