I had a few days of PTO from the day job to use up by the end of September, and since that month is not a good time for my husband to take off work, we decided to use it up these past few days. Instead of going somewhere to experience new things, just to come home and feel like we need another vacation, we decided to take some time for hygge.

And it was exactly what we both needed.

definition of hygge

We both knew that if we stayed home, we would run errands or do housework, and that was not what either of us wanted to do. So, I found this cute little cabin in Mountain, Wisconsin, that was the perfect spot to get away. When we got there, we found that we had no cell phone service. Which made the trip even better. The house had wifi, so we weren’t completely disconnected though, just in case something did happen.

Thankfully, the trip was uneventful. We just stayed inside and hung out. We got to spend some quiet time enjoying the simple things of life. I may have consumed far too much coffee, but we won’t dwell on that.

I got a lot of reading done these past few days; which has been great. I’m rediscovering my love for reading and books, and starting to rekindle that love. Drop your book recommendations below so I can add them to my list. I ordered a new Kindle, so I’ll be looking for more books to add to it too.

In addition to reading, I sat down with my laptop and planner and brainstormed my blog content for the rest of the year. I spent some time on Pinterest looking for ideas and found some that looked like they would be fun to write about. I’m starting to think about next year’s content too.

This was our hygge experience this year. We’ve already talked about doing it again next year, and I cannot wait. Maybe I should try and turn this into a more frequent event.

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