My Thoughts on AI

AI has been in the news a lot lately. Especially in the creative world. Authors, scriptwriters, photographers, and I’m sure other creative professionals aren’t happy with the progress (?) being made. I just wanted to spend a few minutes discussing my thoughts on AI.


As a person, I think it’s fun to see what I would look like as a Jedi using AI. (It made me a man way too many times) I enjoy playing around with it with no intention of using it to further my career. It was also amusing turning my grandma into the dark lord of the Sith.

Autocorrect is also my friend. I may have gone to college for creative writing, but I can’t spell to save my life. I am always typing in the start of a word to figure out how to spell it. I’m also 100% okay with automating some of the admin work that I don’t want to do, but that still needs to get done, basically, the things that aren’t creating but are still essential to running a business. If only AI could wash my dishes and fold my laundry.


As a professional creative, I despise AI. I don’t want it anywhere near any of my creative works, whether it’s my writing or my photography. I’ve heard of authors who have had their books stolen to teach AI how to write, and that is not cool. And I try and keep an eye on those sites to make sure my own works don’t wind up there.

I think it’s a terrible idea to take the human out of creating art. Art is what we all live for. It is why we put up with the dead-end jobs, or the careers that we hate but pay well. Only someone who has been through those heart-wrenching emotions of grief, despair, anger, etc, could portray them. The same goes for love and friendship, joy, and any of the other “good” emotions. A computer, no matter how well taught, can’t capture that.

If we take the human out of the art, I think a lot of us will be forced to give up on those dreams. They already don’t pay well enough, and if people have to compete with machines, I think the pay will be even less.

What are your thoughts on AI? Do you like it, hate it, or think it’s necessary? I’d love to hear your thoughts and gain more insight. Maybe it isn’t all terrible.

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