Bucket List Redo

I’m spending some time this week creating a bucket list redo. I feel like the first time I worked on this, my heart wasn’t really into it. So now I’m going to actually put some time into it and hopefully actually mean it this time.

I’m going to have three categories that I want to have items in; travel, photo challenges, and business ownership. Depending on how many items I have on each of these lists, I might add more categories. I’ll keep you posted if I do that.

My bucket list redo


I have terrible wanderlust. Which is why travel is going to be part of my bucket list redo. Ideally, my husband and I can go on fun trips together, but honestly, even going away for craft fairs helps with the wanderlust.

Photo Challenges

The summer months have been rough on my photography. I haven’t taken my camera out once in the past few months it feels like, so having photo challenges, that will force me to keep practicing.

Business Ownership

In addition to my photography, I need to work on coming up with some business ownership-related tasks. I want to be a better business owner, so I need to come up with some things to do to get better.

Once I get these items actually figured out I’ll share them with you all. I’ll also keep you updated as I accomplish them. Do you have a bucket list? How is it going?

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