Monthly Planning Session

With September wrapping up I thought I would spend a day having a monthly planning session for October. And with it being rainy and yucky out yesterday, it was the perfect time to do that. 

In addition to all the work that I need to do, my husband and I are planning a vacation. So I’ll need to factor that in when planning the rest of the month.

Internet Work

I have nine blog posts to write and post. I finalized the topics that I want to share with you guys, and the dates that I want to post them. 

My email list is going ok. I’m hoping to get eight more subscribers this month at least. In addition to getting those new subscribers, I need to write four emails to send to them.

I’ve also got a lot of social media posts that I want to create and schedule. I’ve been trying to post more on Facebook again. (I know, I said I don’t like it there. And I still really don’t. But I feel like I need to have a presence there).  


I have to finish reading Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller so I can write a review on it for you guys. I’m learning quite a bit from it so I’m looking forward to finishing it. I also plan on reading another book while we’re on vacation.

Once I finish reading my book, I’m going to spend some much-needed quality time with my business working on what I’ve learned. 


This summer has taught me that I need to schedule some time for my camera. I think I only went out with it three times from June to September. Which was not ideal. I’m hoping that by scheduling some time to go out I’ll actually do it.

This monthly planning session was very beneficial. I think I might continue to do this in the future. I’m really looking forward to crossing things off my to-do list and actually following through with my plans.

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