Lake Geneva

Last week, my husband and I celebrated our 13th anniversary. We give each other the gift of travel, and this year, we spent the week in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Lately, we’ve been renting houses or cabins instead of hotels, so we can have more space to relax. We also like to cook our own food and not spend as much money eating out all the time. I found this super cute house on Vrbo and it was everything we wanted it to be. If you’re ever in that area I would highly recommend that house.

My husband and I brought way too many books to read on this trip, and spoiler, I didn’t finish one of them. I did have three started though, which was nice so I could read based on my mood. I also obviously brought my camera and tripod to capture some of the fall color along the lake shore. 

We arrived at our house in Williams Bay Sunday night, so we didn’t really do much. We took the night to get settled in and look around the house.

Lake Geneva

On Monday, after breakfast, we drove over to Lake Geneva to see what there was to see. We found the free parking lot, and walked around town. My husband saw an indie bookstore, so we had to check that out. And we each got another book from there. We are both set on books for the rest of the year.

After the bookstore, we decided to go out for lunch. That wasn’t the initial plan, but we were both pretty hungry and we didn’t want to go back to our house, just to come back to Lake Geneva. 

Our hairstylist recommended a lot of things on our itinerary, and our lunch restaurant was on her list. My husband love it, I thought it was ok. But I’m not really into seafood and that was pretty much what they had.

The fall color on Lake Geneva.

After lunch, we stopped at Kilwin’s for the first time for chocolate. We wound up going there three times that week, and honestly, that wasn’t enough.

Date Night

Once we got our sugar fix for the day, we went back to Williams Bay to get ready for our dinner date. Monday was our anniversary and neither one of us wanted to cook anything fancy, so we found a nice restaurant for dinner. My husband and I decided that we should walk to dinner since it was only 10 minutes away. 

We left early, anticipating having to wait a little bit for our reservation. But we forgot that it was Monday, and not terribly busy, so we were able to get seated sooner than we thought. 

The food was delicious and we wound up bringing some home with us. We almost got dessert, but we were both so full, and we had a lot of treats at our house.

Next week, I’ll share what we did on Tuesday. I’m looking forward to sharing some of the photos I took with you guys and sharing the experience with you.

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