Lake Geneva Sunrise

Two weeks ago I posted that I was going to spend all day with my camera. This was the day that I chose to do this. My husband came with me and it was nice to have him with me. Even though sunrise came before coffee did. But we both survived without fighting or arguing from lack of sleep and caffeine. And it was really nice to spend time together watching a Lake Geneva sunrise.

This was the best day for us to go out, which was the main reason we did. The sunrise clouds weren’t forecasted to be the greatest, but the rest of the week was going to be worse, so we made the best of it.

First Image

We went to the park that was five minutes from our house. We walked a little bit along the shore, and hung out on the dock for my first image. I’m not really happy with all the lights on along the shore, but there’s nothing I can do about that, and I am glad that they were on for safety reasons.

My husband also took a few photos of me working, and I’m really glad he did that for me.

A Lake Geneva sunrise.

Second Image

I captured this second image of the dock with a long exposure. I enjoy playing around with that, especially on water images. The exposure makes the water look milky, and I enjoy that look. Thankfully, the sun wasn’t high in the sky yet, so the long exposure didn’t make the image too bright.

I don’t normally think to take long exposure photos at sunrise, so I’m glad that this one worked out. I should add this to my goals for next year once I start thinking about that.

A dock on Lake Geneva.

Third Image

I saw this image the day before when we drove past the park on our way to Lake Geneva. I knew that I needed to capture it and I’m really glad that I was able to. This was my most dangerous image of the week since I had to stand at the edge of the road to get to the creek, bridge, and lake in one shot. Thankfully, the traffic wasn’t so busy yet so I wasn’t too worried.

I love how the creek in the foreground is smooth enough to see the reflection of the bridge, and that the lake is a little choppy to add some texture to my image.

A bridge over a creek.

Fourth Image

After the third image, I was prepared to go back to the house and grab a coffee before the rest of our adventure. While I was packing up my camera and talking to a complete stranger about her dog, my husband wandered the other way in the park. 

Once the lady and her dog left, my husband flagged me down, and I ran over to him. And he was right. The sky was really cool from that area.

The sunrise and clouds over Lake Geneva.

But I was too short to see over the tall grass. So I made my tripod as tall as it would go, and I may have walked a little too close to the water to capture this image. And I got stuck by some sticky pokey weeds that made a mess of everything. 

Once I got this image, I packed up my camera again, and we went home to change and get some coffee. We also grabbed a quick breakfast and packed some things for our all-day adventure. We had a great time together photographing the Lake Geneva sunrise and we were really looking forward to the rest of our day. I can’t wait to share the rest of our day with you later this week.

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