• Pictured Rocks

    As promised on my blog the other day, here is the blog post about our cruise to see the Pictured Rocks. Bad Luck My husband and I have the worst […]

  • The U.P. Part One

    My husband and I were up in the U.P. over the weekend for a little getaway. We made it home yesterday afternoon, but we had a lot to do before […]

  • Favorite Photo of May

    My favorite photo of May was really close. As I mentioned last week, I love the second image on this post. However, I think I like this image a little […]

  • Memorial Day Weekend Plans

    It has become a tradition for my husband and I to go on a road trip for Memorial Day. Last year, we went to Dubuque, Iowa for the weekend. This […]

  • The Lighthouse Part Five

    Here is The Lighthouse Part Five. Here is a link to part one so you can read it from the beginning. Next month I’ll be working on a completely different […]

  • Reflections

    As I mentioned last week, my husband and I went for a walk in the park to get some sunshine and fresh air. We went to one of our favorite […]

  • Technical Difficulties

    With my decision to move my Etsy shop to my website, I’ve been attempting to make some changes to the appearance. And with that, I’ve been dealing with some technical […]

  • Black-and-White Photo of May

    What a gorgeous spring day it is today. And after the weekend of rainy-gray, yuck, it was very much welcome. My husband and I went out for a walk this […]

  • Decisions Were Made

    I was going to go out with my camera this afternoon and make some content for you guys, but it is pouring rain out right now. I don’t really want […]

  • Star Wars

    Happy Star Wars Day! This is my inner nerd’s favorite day of the year, and I’m currently watching Star Wars. That has absolutely nothing to do with this blog, I […]