• Black-and-White Photo of May

    What a gorgeous spring day it is today. And after the weekend of rainy-gray, yuck, it was very much welcome. My husband and I went out for a walk this […] Read more

  • Decisions Were Made

    I was going to go out with my camera this afternoon and make some content for you guys, but it is pouring rain out right now. I don’t really want […] Read more

  • Star Wars

    Happy Star Wars Day! This is my inner nerd’s favorite day of the year, and I’m currently watching Star Wars. That has absolutely nothing to do with this blog, I […] Read more

  • May Wellness

    In April, I was able to stick with a few of my health goals. I thought I would recap those, and then share with you my May wellness goals. April […] Read more

  • Introvert at a Craft Fair: How do I Cope?

    As an introvert, craft fairs are a bit challenging for me. However, they are my business’s main income source, so I continue to participate in them. And they get me […] Read more

  • Favorite Photo of April

    It’s Finally Friday. It has been a really long week at the day job, but I’m off for the weekend. So I get to work for myself now. I have […] Read more

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