• Artpreneur

    Earlier this summer, I bought several books that I thought would help me focus on my business. And I finally got around to reading the first one. Artpreneur by Miriam […] Read more

  • Hygge

    I had a few days of PTO from the day job to use up by the end of September, and since that month is not a good time for my […] Read more

  • Calendar Update

    I’m in the process of doing a content calendar update for the rest of the year. I haven’t been too enthused with my current blog topics, so I was planning […] Read more

  • National Lighthouse Day

    According to the internet, today is National Lighthouse Day. In honor of that, I am writing a throwback post about several lighthouses I have photographed over the years. This first […] Read more

  • Favorite Photo of 2023?

    I may have photographed my favorite photo of 2023 last week. And it wasn’t even the one I thought it would be. So I’ve got two that I really like, […] Read more

  • Location Scouting

    Yesterday afternoon, my husband and I went for a walk in a park that neither of us has been to. We were going to play Pokemon Go, but I was […] Read more

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