Social Media

This past year has been rough on my social media posting schedule. It was mostly my fault, but there were a few factors beyond my control.

So, in order to avoid that problem again, I bought a planner to help schedule my posts. Each social media site that I’m on, has a different day that is better for posting. Although, I’ve seen different thoughts on what those days are. We’ll see how it goes after I’ve been consistent for a few months.

In addition to writing in my journal what site I’m going to post to, I’ve been writing the topic I want to discuss. So far, I’ve got my blog posts mostly planned and my Etsy listings through October. I just need to work on the other platforms that I’m on.

If I post on one site every day of the week, that will help with my online presence, and create more of an audience. I’m trying to utilize four in addition to my blog and Etsy shop. Those four are TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. Although, I’m on the fence about Facebook right now. Comment below if you think I should stay on Facebook or ditch it.

Anyway, I’ve got two days dedicated to each platform right now, and I’m looking forward to getting into the habit of posting every day. In addition to my planner, I’ve been trying to use Hootsuite. I like it when I use it, but I could be better at using it.

I really should just dedicate one day to schedule my posts. Then I won’t have to worry too much about what day it is and what platform I’m posting to. Is that something you do? What day do you find works best for that?

What social media platforms are you on? Feel free and share your links below.

I’m Thinking About Getting a Drone

I haven’t done any research other than looking at them for a few minutes at Best Buy while my husband was looking at something else. They don’t seem as expensive as I thought they were. And now I kind of want a drone.

I have an irrational fear of heights. Getting a drone wouldn’t stop that. But I would get the photos from that distance without having to go up in the air.

It would be cool to get photos of the sunrise and sunset from above the horizon. I would like to capture the fall color from a different perspective. I would love to get more photos like the one below.

I would like to get more drone photos like this one of the fall color from a fire tower in Mountain, Wisconsin.

It would also allow me to make TikToks. I would be able to get more of a variety of videos and photos.

Do you have one? Is it worth the expense? What are some other pros and cons of getting one? I need to do more research. 

The Holidays are Coming

It’s almost officially the holidays. I know, don’t remind you. I honestly don’t want to think about it either. However, this is the first holiday season that I won’t be working in retail, and I am stoked! I’m hoping that I can actually get in the holiday spirit this year.

I also have at least one craft fair going on every that I’m available from now until the middle of December. (I’m still looking for one to two more for the weekend before Christmas if anyone knows of any).

So, I have a lot to do to get ready for them. Here’s my list:

  1. Clean out my car
  2. Find my holiday decorations
  3. Make more inventory

Clean out my Car

I am really bad at keeping my car clean. But I needed to clean it out so I could fit all of my stuff in there. My mom is also coming with me to two craft fairs, so I need the extra room for her and her stuff too.

Find my Holiday Decorations

I like to decorate my booth for the holidays. Last year I got a small tree and a gnome. I found my gnome, but I still need to find my tree. I think it’s in the basement. I also need to find my candy canes and make sure they haven’t expired. I don’t want to give out old candy to the kids.

Make More Inventory

I’m trying to bulk up my inventory so I can make it through the next two months without running out. (Although, I honestly wouldn’t mind if that happened). I do have quite a bit yet, so this isn’t as critical as the other two are.

I’m going to be adding more greeting cards and postcards to my inventory. I want to add a few more images for more variety. Early next year, I’ll blog about a few super secret projects that I’m experimenting with now. I just need to get a few more items to be able to make what I’m trying to make.

I’m also working on a few secret projects, that once I get figured out I’ll blog about.

These are the three things that I want to do to get ready for the holidays. I’ll keep you posted as I finish this to-do list.

NYC Observations

This is going to be my last post about our trip to New York City. We had a lot of fun, and we can’t wait to go back and explore more of the city and see what we missed. I wanted to use this last post to talk about some of the observations that we made while we were there. 


We noticed two terms that they use in New York City that mean something else in Wisconsin. The first was Shirley Temple. My husband and I went out to dinner one night and I had asked for a kitty cocktail. The server looked at me like a deer in headlights. Eventually, we got on the same page. 

The other one is milk. They use it instead of creamer for coffee. I was asked several times if I wanted milk. And I said yes because I needed something to cut the strangeness of the coffee.


Speaking of coffee, New Yorkers don’t seem to like their coffee to be sweet. I ordered a mocha from a food truck, thinking it would be sweet. Yeah, it wasn’t. It was still good, it just wasn’t the taste I was expecting it to be.

Fountains and Statues

I feel like everywhere I looked there was either a fountain or a statue. And I loved it. There isn’t a lot of that where I live, so it’s fun to look at them when I do get to see them.


The people there were super nice. We didn’t meet one rude New Yorker. And we were pleasantly surprised. They rivaled the midwest nice.

That being said, they don’t tolerate being dumb. So if you’re not paying attention you will get honked at.

That was it for our travels in New York City. If you missed any, click here to start from the beginning.

Wisconsin vs New York City

I was going to post about all the food we ate while on vacation, but I haven’t figured out how I want to lay that blog post out. Comment below if you want to see a post about food. Otherwise, I might just skip it. Instead, I’m going to compare Wisconsin and New York City.


We did not have a car in New York City. We didn’t want the stress of navigating and dealing with all the traffic. But we did notice some things.

Drivers in New York City are more courteous on the road than Wisconsinites are. Hear me out. Yes, they honk way more out east than in the midwest. And they will call you out if you’re making poor decisions on the road. But drivers in the city allow each other to switch lanes and get where they need to be. In Wisconsin, if you don’t pay attention, or you try and do something stupid, we will make you wait

It also takes a long time to get a short distance in New York City. Which is odd to me, but I get that there are a lot of people trying to get places.


New York truly is the city that never sleeps. Granted, we weren’t out that late, but it seemed like the later in the day, the more traffic there was. We did notice, that places didn’t open until later in the morning. I remember saying on more than one occasion “daylight was burning.”

Because they are out all night, their coffee is a lot stronger than I’m used to. And also not as sweet as I would have liked.

Green Space

Wisconsin has a lot more green space than New York City does. Obviously. But I think New York has to be more creative with how they display theirs. Central Park was one giant show of creativity.

We also noticed trees growing on the roofs or balconies of many skyscrapers too. My husband and I wondered how the trees can have deep enough roots to survive. If anyone knows please comment below.

I’ve got one or two more posts about New York City. Unless you guys are sick of reading them. Then I can switch to something else. Let me know what you think.


My husband and I don’t usually shop while we’re on vacation. We might swing into a few gift shops, but we usually just look around and then leave. And while we did that this time, we also stopped in three additional shops to go shopping.

Harry Potter New York

We were on our way to the Statue of Liberty, my husband pointed to a building across the street from us. I looked and saw that it was the Harry Potter New York store. I immediately bargained with him to go inside with me.

Harry Potter New York.
The outside of Harry Potter New York.

We took one step inside and I started geeking out. I easily could have spent all day there. (And a lot more money too). My husband and I looked at all of the wands, checked out the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw sections, and went downstairs to look at the books.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take as many photos inside as I would have liked. There were way too many people, and I didn’t want to disrupt their experience. However, I did get one photo of the two of us in the phone booth.

The two of us inside the phone booth in Harry Potter New York.
This was the only photo I got of the inside of Harry Potter New York.

Once we had seen everything, twice, we took our purchases to get checked out. We met the second nicest person in New York. She had nothing but nice things to say about Hufflepuff even though she was a Ravenclaw like my husband. If we had had more time I would have liked to have gotten to know her better.

Leave a comment below with which house you’re in.

Strand Book Store

The advertisement that we saw in Central Park.
The advertisement we saw in Central Park.

When we were walking through Central Park, we saw an advertisement for Strand Book Store. It is a bookstore that boasts 18 miles of books. Neither one of us could resist that calling. We started on the main floor and got lost among the shelves. Then we explored the basement and second floor and enjoyed every minute of it.

I think if we didn’t have to carry the books back with us we would have tried harder to find a few. But we weren’t even halfway through our day.

Disney Store

The final shopping that we did was at the Disney Store. I just happened to see it while we were in Times Square on our last day. I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to go in for five minutes.

In the spring of 2021, I broke my favorite coffee cup, which I got at a Disney Store. It was of Tinker Bell, and we all know about my love for Peter Pan. Well, I figured if I was going to find a replacement, it would be here.

The only thing that we saw that was Peter Pan, was the artwork on the wall of him, Wendy, John, and Micheal flying over London. I was a little disappointed, but it was probably for the best that there wasn’t anything there.

The wall art of Peter Pan, Wendy, John, and Michael.
The only Peter Pan we saw in the Disney Store.

Those were the three shopping trips that we did while in New York City. Tomorrow, I’ll post about all the food we ate while we were there.

New York Public Library

Visiting the New York Public Library has always been on our list of places to visit. We have a tradition of visiting libraries whenever we travel, and this trip was no exception.


We walked by the library on our first night in the Big Apple, and I just took a few photos of the lions outside. I cannot get enough of looking at those lions. Unfortunately, I did not get any photos of the building. There were too many people, and I thought my husband did.

One of the lions outside of the New York Public Library.
One of the lions outside of the New York Public of the lions outside of the New York Public Library.


Then on Friday, after we walked through Central Park, and before we saw Phantom of the Opera we finally got to go inside. I was in heaven the whole time.

None of the photos that I took did the architecture justice. I didn’t want to take my camera out and disturb the people who were using the library, so all I had available to me was my phone.

The marble was amazing. I honestly could have spent all day there. I kind of wish I had brought something to work on so I could justify doing just that.

Inside the New York Public Library.
Inside the New York Public Library.

This library was so big, that we got lost a few times while wandering through the halls. I can’t think of a better place in New York City to get lost, so I’m not really complaining.

Once we finished walking the halls of the New York Public Library, we found a gift shop. So naturally, we went inside. I found the most beautiful copy of Peter Pan and it came home with me. Peter Pan is my all-time favorite book, so I couldn’t resist.

I almost got another book on the history of libraries, but it was massive and I didn’t want to carry it around with me all afternoon.

I hope you guys aren’t getting sick of these posts. I’ve just got a few more and then we’ll go back to my usual photography blogs.

Statue of Liberty

Not Going

When we were booking all of the sites we wanted to see, we found a boat tour that would take us under the Brooklyn Bridge and within 100 feet of the Statue of Liberty. For some reason, we decided that a 4:20 cruise was the way to go.

When we were looking at the time slot the day before we realized that we would have to walk quite a ways away back to our hotel in the dark. So we spent the better part of Friday trying to decide if we wanted to go.

Going After All

We made the decision not to go, but it was too late to cancel the booking. Which was ok.

After we finished at the Empire State Building, we decided to keep walking further from our hotel. We found lunch in the park, and then we stumbled upon a few shops I’ll discuss later. Once we were done in those shops we realized that we were about halfway to the pier we were supposed to meet at for the boat tour.

I checked to see when sunset was and it was due about an hour after we were scheduled to get back. My husband and I talked about it and decided that if we could get back to the park we ate lunch at by sunset we would be ok walking the rest of the way back in the dark.

I pulled up directions on my phone and it had us walking through a sketchy neighborhood, but we eventually made it to the pier. We had about an hour before the boat was going to leave, so we sat and enjoyed the sunshine and the view of the East River.

From the pier, we could see the Statue of Liberty. We walked along to the end so I could get a few photos.

The time we were supposed to meet was swiftly approaching and nothing was really going on. Some people asked the people running the tour what was going on, and my husband went to listen to the explanation.

Apparently, they were waiting for the coast guard to come and inspect the boat before we could go. They were already an hour late.

Not Going Again

My husband and I agreed to wait until 4 to see if anything happened. And it didn’t so we decided to walk back to our hotel. We were glad that we tried to go, even though it didn’t work out this time. And now we have a reason to go back. We would have regretted not trying.

Once we decided to head back, we walked back a different way through a better neighborhood. We made it most of the way back in the daylight since we left an hour earlier than we planned as well. Once we got back, we figured that we walked about 10 miles that day when you factor in the detours we made. And our legs and feet were feeling it.

Tomorrow I’ll post about our time in the New York Public Library.

Empire State Building

After staying out all night on Broadway, my husband and I planned a late start on Saturday. There were two main objections for the day: see the Empire State Building and go on a boat tour to see the Statue of Liberty.

We stopped for breakfast on our walk to the Empire State Building, and once we were done eating, we moseyed on over. We walked down 34th Street past Macy’s, which took up the whole block. Did you know Toys R Us is still around? All the ones by us are closed, so we assumed they all were.

We were massively early for our tour, but we wanted to know where we were going. My husband and I decided to kill some time at Macy’s. We headed a few blocks back just to find out that Macy’s didn’t open until 10. I looked at my phone and saw that it was only 9:30. So we went with plan B.

Plan B was to hang out at Herald Square for a while and relax. So we found a quiet table and my husband read while I played Pokemon Go. After sitting there for awhile I decided to check and see what the wait time was and it said that it could have been up to an hour. 

We headed back to the Empire State Building and the line outside was huge. It moved fairly quickly, so we found our place at the end of it. Actually, it moved too quickly and before we knew it, we were at the front of the line. It was barely 10 am, and our tickets were for 10:30. So we hopped out of line and headed for the back again.

While we waited in line again, we decided that we would show our ticket to the person at the door and see if it was ok to go in early. It became our turn and they let us in early. After making it through security and scanning our tickets, we followed the crowd through the museum.

We eventually made it up to the 80th floor where we saw many photos of all the celebrities that were there. We even got to meet King Kong!

After meeting King Kong, we took another elevator up to the 86th floor which is where the observation deck is. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day to be up that high in the sky. I captured photos from every direction, and we could even see the Stature of Liberty from the Empire State Building. Which was pretty cool.

Tomorrow, I’ll blog about the boat tour. Spoiler, it didn’t go as expected. 

Phantom of the Opera

Set Up

It was a Thursday night in late September and I was scrolling through TikTok after dinner. And Under the Desk News came on my feed and I always watch them to hear what’s going on in the world. It was the usual news going on, but the last thing they mentioned was that Phantom of the Opera is closing on Broadway. I told my husband the news and replayed that part of the TikTok, and then we both went about our evening.

Saturday afternoon still in September, completely out of the blue, my husband asked me if I wanted to go. I immediately said yes, and we started checking show availability. There were plenty of seats available for the weekend of our anniversary.

The Monday after this, I asked off for three days just so we could go. Once my time off was approved a few days later, we booked everything. Basically a month before we were planning on going.

Fast forward back to our trip

We got back to our hotel after walking through Central Park and we dropped everything off so we could go out for an early dinner around 4:30 in the afternoon. Then we went back to our hotel to get cleaned up and changed after getting sweaty and gross.

We left our room again around 7 pm to walk around the corner to the Majestic Theater. We waited outside for a while before they opened the doors, which gave me time to take some photos with my phone and to try and make a TikTok. I should have known that there would be way too many people, so the TikTok didn’t work out.

As we were waiting to go to our seats, I noticed signs posted everywhere that photos and videos were not allowed anywhere inside the theater. And they meant everywhere. My husband and I sat in our seats and took in every minute. It was really nice to not feel pressured to try and photograph everything.

Phantom of the Opera was amazing and we both loved every minute of it. I would highly recommend going before they close it in mid-February.

After the show, we went out for a second dinner because dinner at 4:30 wasn’t enough. I’ll blog about all the food we ate later in the series, but tomorrow, I’ll blog about the Empire State Building.