My Process

  • Hygge

    I had a few days of PTO from the day job to use up by the end of September, and since that month is not a good time for my […]

  • Weekend Update

    This past weekend was full of good intentions. I wanted to get a lot of things done. Unfortunately, I accomplished almost nothing that was on my to-do list. But that’s […]

  • June Wellness

    I’m breaking up my U.P series today, to update you on my June wellness. Update I want to start this post by saying I had a doctor’s appointment and a […]

  • May Wellness

    In April, I was able to stick with a few of my health goals. I thought I would recap those, and then share with you my May wellness goals. April […]

  • March Wellness

    The past month has been a little rough on my wellness. I’m not trying to make excuses for myself, I’m just trying to be honest with you guys. I’ll get […]

  • How I Stay Motivated When I Don’t Feel Like Working

    We’re in the third month of the year, and this is when I typically start losing momentum. So today, I thought I’d share four tips for how I stay motivated […]

  • Sunrise or Sunset: Which One is My Favorite?

    Sunrise and sunset are the two times of the day that I actively seek out for my camera dates. But which one do I prefer; sunrise or sunset? A few […]

  • Apps I Use

    As a photographer, there are several apps that I use on a daily basis. Or at least, on a weekly basis. Here are the top four that I use. These […]

  • I Don’t Edit My Photos

    I don’t edit my images. The only post-production work I do on my images is to add my watermark, maybe crop out the noise, and maybe turn the images to […]

  • What I’m Doing Differently in 2023

    Happy New Year to you! I hope you all have a great year and accomplish everything you want. As for me, I thought I’d share with you what I’m doing […]