Photo Business

  • I Made Two New Friends

    As promised last Thursday, I went out for sunrise on Saturday. I decided to go back to Rainbow Park to try and capture the sunrise on the Fox River. While […]

  • Headlight

    Yesterday was supposed to be my last sunrise while not on vacation. But both my car and my husband’s car have a burnt-out headlight. (Mine actually got fixed yesterday afternoon, […]

  • Lake Winnebago

    Photography Today was the first really nice day of the year. Like 70* Fahrenheit, nice. So once I got home and settled from the day job I grabbed my camera […]

  • Rainbow Park

    Earlier this week, I thought the sky looked cool, so I went out to photograph it. I picked a day between thunderstorms so I could catch that moodiness. However, I […]

  • First Craft Fair of 2023

    I was looking at my calendar just now, and I realized that my first craft fair of 2023 is in four weeks. I haven’t even thought about craft fairs since […]

  • Favorite Photo of March

    Happy last day of March! I was going to have a lazy evening tonight, and write this blog post tomorrow, but then I remembered that it was the last day […]

  • Office Update

    A few years ago, I mentioned that I want to build a she shed and turn it into my office. We have a few other projects that are more of […]

  • Where Are You Hanging Out?

    With the potential ban of TikTok (and other Internet sites) in the US, I’ve been trying to find a few new social media sites to join. As you know, I’ve […]

  • Favorite Winter Photos

    With Winter technically ending earlier this week, I thought I would take time today to share with you a few of my favorite winter photos. I’ve shared some of them […]

  • Green Bay Waterfall

    After photographing the sunrise last Tuesday, I went home to spend a few minutes with my husband before he had to work. I headed out at the same time that […]