favorite photo

  • Favorite Photo of May

    My favorite photo of May was really close. As I mentioned last week, I love the second image on this post. However, I think I like this image a little […]

  • Favorite Photo of April

    It’s Finally Friday. It has been a really long week at the day job, but I’m off for the weekend. So I get to work for myself now. I have […]

  • Favorite Photo of March

    Happy last day of March! I was going to have a lazy evening tonight, and write this blog post tomorrow, but then I remembered that it was the last day […]

  • Favorite Photo of February

    I have a bit of a confession to make. I took my favorite photo of February this afternoon. Before today, I had an image that I liked well enough from […]

  • Favorite Photo of January

    A while back I started a favorite photo of the month series. Well, I’m bringing that series back. Below is my favorite photo of January. It was almost the one […]