lake photography

  • National Lighthouse Day

    According to the internet, today is National Lighthouse Day. In honor of that, I am writing a throwback post about several lighthouses I have photographed over the years. This first […]

  • Location Scouting

    Yesterday afternoon, my husband and I went for a walk in a park that neither of us has been to. We were going to play Pokemon Go, but I was […]

  • Sunset and Sunrise on Lake Superior

    This is my last post on my Memorial Day weekend series. And I saved the best for last. I finally photographed the sunset and sunrise on Lake Superior. Sunset My […]

  • Pictured Rocks

    As promised on my blog the other day, here is the blog post about our cruise to see the Pictured Rocks. Bad Luck My husband and I have the worst […]

  • Memorial Day Weekend Plans

    It has become a tradition for my husband and I to go on a road trip for Memorial Day. Last year, we went to Dubuque, Iowa for the weekend. This […]

  • Black-and-White Photo of May

    What a gorgeous spring day it is today. And after the weekend of rainy-gray, yuck, it was very much welcome. My husband and I went out for a walk this […]

  • The Sun Finally Came Out

    I woke up a little after 6 on Tuesday morning, hoping for there to be a sunrise. It was a struggle to leave my warm bed, but I eventually did […]

  • Another Gray Day

    About a week ago, I went to the park to attempt to photograph the sunrise. Unfortunately, it was another gray day. I didn’t go to the main part of the […]

  • Black and White Photo of January

    Here is my black and white photo of January. I captured it the other day when I was out for sunrise. I felt this image would look okay without color […]

  • The Gales of November Came Early

    A few weeks ago, we went up to visit my parents for the weekend. And I was hoping to try and photograph Lake Superior at sunrise and capture some fun […]