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  • Income Opportunities

    Yesterday, I posted about my seven-year plan and how I would blog about my income opportunities today. I am currently taking advantage of three, but I’m in the process of […]

  • What I’m Thankful For 2022

    Last year, I posted what I was thankful for in 2021. And I wanted to do that again this year. I won’t list the same things as I did last […]

  • Solo Travel

    I just got back from my first solo overnight trip. As you know, I had a craft fair in Stratford, which is about two hours away from house. And since […]

  • Craft Fair Blunder

    I have another craft fair this weekend. This one is in Stratford, and the This and That Wisconsin Store. If you’re in the area, please stop by and say hello. […]

  • 100 Blog Posts

    This blog post marks my 100 for me. I feel like this is the longest that I’ve committed to a project since my fiction writing days several years ago. I […]

  • The Holidays are Coming

    It’s almost officially the holidays. I know, don’t remind you. I honestly don’t want to think about it either. However, this is the first holiday season that I won’t be […]

  • April in Review

    Where did April go? I can’t believe that I’m already writing up my April in review blog post. I feel like I just wrote my March review blog a few […]