• Walk in the Park

    A few days ago, it was finally warm enough to go outside and photograph the snow. So, we went for a walk in the park by our house. We parked […]

  • Another Gray Day

    About a week ago, I went to the park to attempt to photograph the sunrise. Unfortunately, it was another gray day. I didn’t go to the main part of the […]

  • There was no Sun

    Friday evening I checked my weather app to see what it was supposed to look like for sunrise on Saturday. It said that there would be no clouds, but the […]

  • A Walk in the Woods

    One evening in March, I decided to go to Asylum Bay to photograph the sunset. I knew the sun wouldn’t be where I wanted it, but I was hoping for […]

  • March Sunset

    March Sunset

    I had not intended on going on a photo adventure that evening in early March. I had dinner plans with my family at their house, and I like to visit […]

  • February Sunset 2022

    On the same day my laptop died (this will be the last time I mention this, I hope) I went out to photograph the chilly February sunset and make a […]

  • There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays

    There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays

    Late Thursday night, my husband and I traveled back home for the holiday weekend. After running a few errands, we went out in the afternoon with my camera. Our first […]

  • Sunrise: December 14, 2021

    Earlier this week, I went out for sunrise. I almost didn’t go because my bed was warm and comfy, and outside wasn’t. But I dragged myself out anyway. My weather […]

  • Seven Tips for Outdoor Photography When the Temperature Drops

    With winter swiftly approaching, and the cold and snow with it, outdoor photography can be miserable. Especially when your alternative is a warm, comfy bed. Unfortunately, winter is also when […]

  • Sunset 2/18/2021

    *This post may contain affiliate links. This means at no additional cost to you I may receive a commission if you purchase a product from one of my links. I […]