The Photography Genre that Intimidates Me

As you all know, I’m a landscape photographer. And I love every minute of it. There is one genre that intimidates me; the type of work that I won’t take no matter how desperate I may get.

That genre is weddings.

I don’t want the stress of trying to get the perfect shot for the happy couple. I also don’t want to ruin their day with any of the number of things that could go wrong on my end. Especially for what wedding photographers charge these days.

With landscape photography, if I miss the shot, I can always try again. But with weddings, if I miss the shot, I can’t ask the couple to have their first kiss again. And I may not know that I missed the shot until I go back and look through the photos on my computer.

Maybe you could blame imposter syndrome on that feeling. We’ve all gone through that at some point. And it is something that I struggle with almost every day. That feeling of, “I’m not a real photographer. What was I thinking? I’m a total fraud.”

The thing is, I know what I’m doing. At least, most of the time anyway. And I know I know this. I have a college degree in journalism that can vouch for that. I also get a lot of validation at craft fairs saying that my work is beautiful, nice, stunning, insert adjective here.

Anyway, this post wasn’t supposed to turn into that, but it is what it is I guess. What genre intimidates you? Do you deal with imposter syndrome? What are your tips for getting out of that spiral? This is a judgment-free zone so don’t worry about that.

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