Favorite Photo of March

Happy last day of March! I was going to have a lazy evening tonight, and write this blog post tomorrow, but then I remembered that it was the last day of March, so I had to write it tonight. Which actually works out better anyway. So, without further delay, here is my favorite photo of March.

This is my favorite photo of March. Its an empty bench at sunrise.

I shared this image for my black-and-white photo blog post, but I really wanted you guys to see it in color too. I still don’t know why this image is blurry here. It doesn’t appear that way on my photo program. Maybe I’ll try getting it printed to see what happens. I won’t retype my adventures of that morning. Instead, you can read them here.

I rather enjoy taking photos of empty benches. This is my second one of the year, and I think my fourth or fifth in the past two. I also enjoy being able to photograph the footprints in the snow that show that someone may have sat there recently, even if it was only for a few minutes.

This is my favorite photo of March. I am really looking forward to my favorite photo of April not having any snow in it. Fingers crossed it doesn’t, but it is Wisconsin after all, and we usually get at least one more big snowstorm before spring makes an appearance. Maybe it will be tomorrow since the rain we’re getting now is supposed to turn to snow in the early hours of the morning.

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  1. I think the photo is beautiful! I don’t always post the full photo size on my blog because I am running out of space. Because of that, sometimes my photos aren’t quite as clear on the blog. However, by doing that I am able to keep blogging! …I do need to go delete some old posts though. When I first started, I was posting the full size photos.

    • Maybe that’s what’s going on with mine. I should really go through my photos on here too. I feel like instead of using previous uploads, I would upload the image again.

      • All my posts and photos are kind of a mess. I am slowly just deleting all my old post but saving them as PDF on my computer if I want to save them. Like my travel posts.

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